Paramount Marketing

Exclusive, Call Verified Pay Day Leads

Headers Included: first name, last name, phone, email, state, IP, date/time

100-500 Leads = $1.80/lead
500-1000 Leads = $1.45/lead
1000-1500 Leads = $1.40/lead
1500-2000 Leads = $1.35/lead
2000+ Leads = $1.30/lead

Bulk Data for Most Major Verticals

Solar, Mortgage/Refi, Home Security, Auto Insurance/Warranty, Pay Day SF, Diabetic, DME/Brace/Medicare/Pain Gel, Pharmacy Pre Existing, Pharmacy, EDU, Student Loan, Debt, PC Tech, Home Owners, B2B/MCA USA, Australia B2C/Home Owners, Australia Solar, UK Pension, UK RTA, UK Home Owners, UK B2C, Health Insurance

7-14 Days: 5k = $200
10k = $300
1-3 Months: 50k = $350
100k = $550

Payment Methods Accepted: Bitcoin, Bank Wire & Google Pay

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