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Pay Day Leads

(1) Exclusive Pay Day Leads, Most Major Prepaid Banks Filtered Out
You will have CRM access to download the leads as they are generated throughout the day.
Headers: Date Delivered, email, fname, lname, phone, country, ip, address, city, state, zip, offer_url, date_subscribed, loan_amount

Payments accepted: Bitcoin only

***Messages sent to our Skype account, LinkedIn account, email addresses, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and any other means of communication that are received after 6 pm, eastern time on Friday, will not be responded to until after 9 a.m., eastern time, Monday morning.

***Payments must be received no later than 6 p.m., eastern time, on Friday to receive leads on Monday. Payments will not be received between 6 p.m., eastern time, Friday, and 9 a.m., eastern time, Monday. Any payments sent during that time period, if affected by a change in the value of Bitcoin, will not be considered accepted for an order if the value of Bitcoin dropped causing the payment to not cover the full amount of the order invoiced.

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